Wisdom Well Said
Paperback: 620 pages
ISBN: 978-0982388709
Available at:
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  This major Anecdote collection can be a valuable addition to your library. Pick up a copy of WISDOM WELL SAID, open to any page and start reading. There you will find example after example of human wisdom, humor and folly.

Published by Levine Mesa Press of Taos, New Mexico, this carefully indexed 620-page collection of anecdotes, fables, legends and myths has been assembled over a 20-year period by Charles Francis, a prominent communications professional.

Organized alphabetically for easy access, the book contains 1221 items in 158 categories, ranging from Accounting to Youth. Set in bold type with generous spacing, the book is easily readable for all ages.

In the book's forward, Mr. Francis points out that anecdotes have been used throughout history to improve human communications. Jesus used anecdotes (then called parables) to teach his followers. Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy all used anecdotes to make their communications more powerful and memorable.

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